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The Weaver Family's Story

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In May 2014, Emma and Leigh Weaver and daughter Jessica from Neston lost baby Georgie at just five days old, after she was born earlier than expected with Tracheal Agenesis, a rare condition in which the windpipe fails to develop.

Parents Emma and Leigh had moved Georgie to Alder Hey from their local hospital Arrowe Park, but after just five days in the intensive care unit, she unfortunately passed away.

Emma, Leigh and their daughter Jessica (who was just six at the time) were referred to the Alder Centre, where they accessed counselling services.

Speaking on her experience with one of the staff members, Jessica who is now 14 years old said: “She was so nice to me, even now if I get in touch with her, it is quite emotional. She used to play games with me and do activities with me and it was really fun.”

Following their loss, the Weaver family used the Alder Centre to process their grief and have now been chosen to open the new building on the 10th September.

Emma said: “We can’t believe it to be honest, when we got the email it was just like ‘oh my god!’. It is such an honour.”

Jess said: “I told my little sister and she couldn’t believe it!”

Emma: “Everybody has just been so lovely, particularly the help that has been given to Jess. She was only six at the time [they lost Georgie] and it was a big thing for us to try and deal with but for her it was especially hard. We couldn’t have asked for better care and support really.

“When we first seen the plans [for the new Alder Centre] a couple of years ago to it now being here is just mind blowing, how it has gone from that to this. We’re very grateful to everyone who supported us as a family, which enabled us to support the charity to make it come to light really.”

Since Georgie’s passing, Jessica has been raising awareness of Georgie’s condition and has done an outstanding job in raising money for Alder Hey and Ronald McDonald House through charity bike rides.

She has taken part in an annual bike ride and has raised over £25,000 for the Alder Hey Children’s Charity, with her biggest challenge consisting of riding over 300 miles in a single month!

For her next challenge, Jessica plans to ride from Llandudno back to her home in the Wirral, which would be a 50-mile ride.

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Our new Alder Centre building is next to the new Sunflower House building, just off Eaton Road. Face to face sessions are now running again, though online/ telephone sessions are also still available, if required.


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